For the Boys

Gary has yet to organise a Stag but keep checking back for more details!

Date TBC.

January 1st

For The Girls

Thank you to my wonderful friends and family in the UK for throwing me a super hens xxxxxx

January 1st

The day before

The day before the wedding we will be holding lunches with the girls and boys in locations yet to be confirmed.

September 24th

The Wedding Day

Lets drink champagne and dance on the table!

September 25th
The Wedding Day

The day after

The day after the wedding we are planning on hiring a boat to cruise the Harbour where we can all have a BBQ and a few drinks together.

Throughout the week we will be planning activities to bring all the guests together. We will post any new events here and let you know how you can confirm if you will be joining us.

September 26th

After the Wedding

As we are getting married in Australia we know many of you, our friends and family will not be able to attend due to the distance. Initially we were planning to come back to the UK at Christmas to celebrate with all those that are not able to join us for the wedding. However unfortunately due to work commitments we are no longer able to return and will have our honeymoon in NZ over Christmas. Plenty of pictures will be sent though! :)

September 27th